Anudeep Chirumalla


As a software product and/or innovation enthusiast, I always look around for best tools/apps that I feel pleaasure using them. Below mentions are not endorsements.


Gmail is as ubiquitous as Google Analytics, and just as focused on data harvesting as the rest of Google. Years ago they modified their terms of service to state that ‘automated systems analyse your content’ - meaning they read your emails so they can serve you targeted ads. Google uses this data from Gmail alongside what they collect about us from search results, map requests, Youtube views and everything else in order to send us targeted ads.

This is why I use FastMail for most of my email needs. They charge money for their service, so they don’t have to sell your data. There’s zero tracking in their software and no ads, ever. They also allow users to have 2-factor authentication.

Like their name says, it’s also FAST. Very fast. I never felt that Gmail was slow, but it’s noticeable how much faster FastMail is when clicking around their interface.

They’re also affordable at $5/month/user (less than Google Enterprise) and let you use your own custom domain(s).

Note: I know ProtonMail offers end-to-end-encryption for email, but that only works if both parties are using ProtonMail (and not everyone I know uses it). If I need complete privacy and security in communications, I’ll use secret chats on Telegram or Signal, and not email.


1Password is a highly secure, user-friendly password manager that offers a range of features to help users manage their passwords and other sensitive information securely. It offers cross-platform compatibility, password generation, two-factor authentication, secure storage, sharing and collaboration, a digital wallet, travel mode, Watchtower, browser integration, and a security audit feature. Its advanced encryption techniques, secure sharing, and built-in security features make it an excellent choice for individuals and businesses looking to keep their information safe and secure. With 1Password, users can easily create and manage strong, unique passwords and access them from any device or platform, without the need to remember multiple passwords. I have been using it happily for two years.”


Text editor for macOS designed for programmers and developers, with features like syntax highlighting, customizable UI, and bundle system. I use it to do simple script changes and writing markdown. I am thinking of, using VS Code, lately.

GitHub Desktop

Tool for managing code changes on GitHub platform, providing GUI for version control operations like creating repositories, committing changes, and merging branches. I use it to manage the workflow along with text editors.